Student accommodation

Student accommodation

Partnering with colleges and universities, we deliver infrastructure that supports growth and enhances the student and faculty experience.

Balfour Beatty Investments is a leader in the higher education market, delivering a broad portfolio of infrastructure projects in the UK and US. These projects include student accommodation, academic facilities, arenas and other campus projects. We take a global approach to the higher education sector, with our bid teams around the world collaborating on design, service approaches and financial structuring.

Our clients benefit from the close working relationship between the investment, construction and management service teams,throughout the design/build process and to the operations and management stage. The integrated nature of the Balfour Beatty service offering means we can offer customized solutions that address the unique needs of each university or college and their student population. Working with various higher education institutions, local communities and local supply chains, we deliver high-quality, sustainable accommodation that enhances the student experience, whilst also offering full-service residential property management.

Key figures*
Projects 21**
Capex value £993m |$1.3bn***
Equity invested  £84m |$110m
Beds 19,696


*Currency calculations are listed at the time of financial close

** 5 of which are legacy projects within our portfolio

*** Values inclusive of legacy projects 

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