Balfour Beatty designs, constructs, finances and maintains hospitals and healthcare projects in the UK and Canada.

Balfour Beatty Investments has a proven track record in healthcare, delivering a wide range of facilities that have transformed health services in their communities. We work with our customers to develop, deliver and manage healthcare infrastructure projects, ranging from small, specialist facilities to large, complex, multi-disciplinary hospitals for the NHS and other healthcare authorities.

We secure work through new procurement models, such as the Government’s public private partnerships (PPP), LIFT and ProCure21 schemes, as well as traditional contracting methods.

Our current portfolio comprises five healthcare projects, including Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, a £542m, 40-year project, along with the recently acquired Acute Mental Health and Community Hospital in North Ayrshire as well as BC Children’s and BC Women’s Hospital Redevelopment Project Phase 2 and North Island Hospitals in British Columbia, Canada.

Queen Elizabeth hospital

Our healthcare expertise